What is the difference between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair?

Raw Hair is 100% unprocessed which means that it has not been chemically altered or steam processed.The hair cuticle is aligned with no short hairs. It tends to come in 3 textures; straight, wavy and curly. Raw hair is the highest quality on the market and tends to be more expensive. 

Virgin Hair is steamed to give it texture i.e to create new textures such as deep wavy and silky straight. 

Do we ship internationally?

Yes we do.

How long does process/shipping take?

All So Gorgeous Hair and Beauty products usually take 14 working days to be processed.1-2 working days to be shipped if based in the UK. If the order is international please allow up to 5 working days for shipping. Due to COVID-19 it may take longer. You will be updated on the status of your order and you will receive an email once it has been shipped.

How many bundles is recommended?

So Gorgeous Hair and Beauty recommends 3 bundles of hair and a frontal or closure. 

What is the difference between a closure and frontal?

A closure typically comes in measurements (4x4", 5x5", 6x6" or 7x7"). Whereas a frontal is from ear to ear, measurements are normally 13x4" or 13x6".

Do you offer wig fittings or customisation?

At this present time we do not. However, if you are a hair stylist and you wish to collaborate with us, we are open to work with creative people please email us.